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Friday 30th Sept 2005

Limahl camera rehearsal for 'Neverending Story' with Nina RommLimahl performed in Poland's capital city Warsaw at the launch of a new 'live' TV show produced by Rochstar TV called Załóż się ('You Bet') for national terrestrial channel TVP2. The show's format already enjoys huge viewer ratings in Germany where it is called 'Wetten Dass'. The TV set design was stunning with extensive use of multi media and special lighting effects. Limahl represented the "international artist" element of the show alongside popular Polish artists and celebrities.

The TVP2 website description of the show translates roughly like this: "Presenters Steffen Moeller & Anna Popek challenge stars in situations Limahl with presenter Steffen Moellerand emotions, risky decisions, daring share (action) and fantastic awards! One of the most spectacular venture television set up's"

After Limahl's performance of 'Neverending Story' with the lovely Nina Romm, he was asked to join the presenter and other celebrities on the white leather couch to place his bet and answer simply yes or no to this daring scenario:"At 4000 feet, could two men parachute separately from a plane then land into the basket of a moving air balloon below ?

After taking into account the wind speeds of the air balloon as well as the parachutists who would also be at the mercy of mother nature, Limahl decided it would be a very tricky manoeuvre and gave a definite answer of "no".

The stunt had already been filmed so the presenter gave his cue for the thrilling piece of footage to be shown to viewers at home and the studio audience via a huge projection screen. As the two brave men jumped out of the plane and quickly hurtled downwards, the danger and speed was immediately apparent with very strong winds slamming the first parachutist's body against theLimahl meets the parachutists on the set basket creating a hard thud sound, however he managed to hold on and scramble inside. The second parachutist was not quite so lucky and after two failed attempts as his body too hit the basket with a loud thud, he eventually fell below the balloon's height and conceded defeat as he steered himself towards the ground.

Limahl won his bet and consequently didn't have to suffer the small surprise (fun) humiliation punishment they had planned. Interestingly we later learned that the same stunt on the German version of the show was actually successful.

The show is very much interactive and viewers at home were also encouraged to bet via text from their mobiles with a chance to win great prizes.

As the show's credits rolled, Limahl performed 'Too Shy' and ventured into the middle of the studio audience for some of his usual people interaction......meanwhile the TV cameras cut between the studio and the presenter Steffan outside on location receiving his own punishment as he was strapped to the front of a car in special clothing and safety helmet while it plunged him through a set up of large glass screens.

All in all, it was a great debut of the show for Poland and Limahl was thrilled to have been invited to be a part of it.

We hope to be able to show you more pics and a possible video clip soon.

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