On the 2nd of April 2006 a unique new literary website called TheNeverEndingStory.co.uk is launching in the UK. The site is essentially the world's first true community book-building facility that allows Internet users to read, and importantly, add to online publications (of all types) started by well-known people and authors, which are later published as actual books (featuring the profiles of the contributors).
Unlike a blog, all submissions to the online publications are first selected and editorially controlled to ensure the narrative stays reasonably consistent and that the works in progress develop in an interesting (but not obscure) way. The fact that the publications will evolve over time is, we believe, a really interesting concept and unique in the world of mainstream publishing.

So far Jeremy Vine (of BBC Radio 2), Simon Woodroffe (founder of Yo! Sushi and former BBC 'Dragon'), Dick King-Smith (author of The Sheep Pig that became the film Babe), and Whitbread and Orange Prize nominee Jill Dawson are on board and are providing 'starter' pages for fictional stories. We are also approaching other personalities and authors. 
Given Limahl's connection to the film of the same name, it would be great if he could write the start of a fiction story for the site (between 1 and 3 pages - 350 and 1050 words) that site users could add to. This could be in any genre and with any focus. Please note that the site is completely free to Internet users and aims to support 2 UK-based literary charities - The National Literary Trust and Book Aid International - in the long term.