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BackHit Me Baby One More Time

Limahl appeared on the debut episode of the new ITV1, live TV show called
'Hit Me Baby One More Time'

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From Limahl

Hey guys, I just wanna say a huge thank you to every single one of you that voted for me on Saturday, your messages in the guest book are fab too.
I was happy with my performance and don't think I could have done much better so even though I didn't win, I feel like a winner ;--))

Host Vernon Kay said "I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it" after I performed 'This Love' - Maroon 5 and the excitement in his voice literally mirrored my own feelings......I was absolutely loving the exhilaration of performing on 'live' TV to millions of Saturday night, prime time viewers with the added bonus that my mum and brother Tony were in the audience to watch and cheer me on.

Limahl on setI had taken my mum to Las Vegas last year to see Celine Dion (I adore Celine Dion) at Ceasars Palace and on the second day of our holiday (Fri 16th July 2004 ) she complained of feeling ill so I took her to the local medical centre for what I thought would be a quick check up. One hour later she was in an ambulance being rushed to hospital with suspected heart failure !!

To cut a long, traumatic story short, she survived her Las Vegas 'open heart surgery' and is now doing fine, so to have her there in the audience, to see her proud face, cheering, applauding was sheer delight for me. Every night when I returned from the hospital in Vegas to the 'Mirage' hotel the resident band seemed to be playing 'This love' and this is another one of the reasons I chose the song from the long song list provided by the TV company. Yes it's a fantastic song and Maroon 5 are one of my favourite bands at the moment, but I'm sure the extra emotional charge helped me perform and feel it that little bit more.

'Live TV' is slightly unnerving for any seasoned pro, if you screw up, forget a lyric, sing a bum note,Limahl on set it's all there to be witnessed/recorded/broadcast and I had to steal on my wealth of experience to get through it and thankfully, I managed with flying colours. When I left the stage, I was jumping around in the wings with satisfaction because what I loved more than anything about my performance was that I felt I was myself, I was just me !!

To be able to be yourself (as a performer) under such scrutiny and pressure is a real inner challenge.

What a great line-up to be part of on the debut broadcast. Gloria Gaynor was lovely, at the press photo shoot she said quietly, "where's the food" which made me smile. Tiffany was worried about her cleavage and someone made adjustments, again it made me smile. Howard Jones is a cool cat, we've met before, I like him, I admire his work and bought quite a few of his early recordings, we had some nice chit chat and he said he admired the way I had carved out a successful solo All artistes at press conferencecareer for myself. The Honeyz were just babes through and through, stunning, sexy, drop dead gorgeous and completely edible.

In the actual competition, I thought it could be anybody's prize. Initially I thought it would be Gloria because that song is so iconic but through the broadcast everyone was strong. As u know Tiffany won and good luck to her, she didn't come across as arrogant or anything, just down to earth and 'lets get the job done' attitude.

Of all my 'live' TV performances in the UK, this has got to be one of my favourites, the show's production was brilliant, congrats to all the 'Hit me' team, they deserve massive viewing figures, it's a snappy, upbeat, great looking show and the choice of Vernon as presenter was perfect.

Once again, a huge thank you to every single one of you who voted for my humble efforts, of course if we could predict the public's taste, we'd all be millionaires but obviously Tiffany had something extra on the night and my concluding feeling is that I was honored to have been part of the launch of this terrific music programme.


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