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'Hit Giganten' (Gigantic Hit) is already a well established, successful TV Show on national terrestrial channel Sat 1 with it's presenter Hugo Egon Balder being one of the reasons it's so popular.

I was therefore delighted to join their studio line-up of 'live' 80's glitterati including Marc Almond - Soft Cell who of course performed 'Tainted love' Marc has recently recovered from that dreadful Marc Almondmotorbike accident in London which left him in a coma for two weeks so I was particularly glad to see him again and we had a chat backstage - he told me that basically a 20 year old guy drove through a red stop light without any insurance !!

Living in a box - performed 'Living in a box' I've only just finished the UK 'Here & Now' tour with them in December 2004. Lisa StansfieldLisa Stansfield and Limahl performed her 80's classic 'Been around the world', we'd never met before, I found her sweet and charming and she looked terrific, she also performed her new single 'Treat me like a woman' produced by the legendary Trevor Horn who is someone I'd really like to work with.

did a great rendition 'Robert Di Niro's Waiting' we had a drink n' catch up at the after show party. Visage - Steve Strange completed the line-up with their classic 'Fade to grey' which was also written by Midge Ure (who I also toured with in Dec 04). I still love that video for 'Fade to grey', it's completely Bananarama and Limahliconic, one of those early pop videos that was quite ground breaking .I still get a kick out of meeting other artists who's work I've admired, we all share similar experiences in many ways, the blood sweat and tears......and fears !!

The studio set was stunning, obviously healthy production budgets go hand in hand with a popular show and this will put any artist at ease, half of the job is lighting, sound, cameras, crew, director, production, etc etc.

As a British artist performing overseas, it's always a stark reminder of how my music has crossed barriers and oceans to reach people, it's a powerful tool and an emotional bridge if you like. The nostalgic feelings associated with these songs is now quite priceless and the fact that these artists Hit Gigantenare still around to perform them is probably a little self assuring to us all, we've almost all grown up together, these songs are like an old friend.

The TV studio was in Berlin and I adore this city, it's weight of history is almost like a ghost haunting you as you walk around, it feels like it has a conscience and you can practically hear the past......there are certainly still enough reminders from the old communist Berlin Wall days. I stayed an extra couple of nights to soak up some of it's eclectic culture - a couple of summers ago, I hired a bicycle and that's absolutely the best way to see any place - so I feel like I know the place a little, which is comforting.

Well that's it really, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and was very satisfied with my work results, I hope we can get a copy of the performance on the website soon......in the meantime here's a few nice pics I got with my digital camera from those obliging fellow artists. I also sneaked a few Limahl fans into the after show party too hey hey......

Best wishes.


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