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Limahl in New York 1986 (31kb) Limahl - 'Only for love' sheet music. (22kb) 'Only for love' video shoot - Limahl (44kb) Limahl - 'Only for love' video shoot again. (18kb)
Hey Limahl, don't worry we'll edit that yawn out. (18kb) Great shoes Limahl !! (17kb) Limahl - 'Pop Rocky' poster album. (20kb) Limahl in yellow and blue with obligatory sun tan of course..... (15kb)
Ooh Limahl that waistcoat must be making you hot !! (15kb) Ah Limahl at his best - pouting madly...... (33kb) Hey Limahl hold that microphone with two hands cause they cost a small fortune you know !! (28kb)  

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