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the Kajagoogoo teenage following begins after countless mag covers like this appeared globally - 'Bravo' had a circulation of a million in Germany (30kb) Another 'Bravo' cover for the German audience (37kb) 'Bravo' cover yet again...... (37kb) Insdie pages from 'Bravo' mag Germany (32kb)
More 'Bravo' images of Kajagoogoo (21kb) 'Bravo' cover yet again...... (29kb) Uk cover of 'Chart Beat' (33kb) 'Bravo' mag giant jigsaw poster of Kajagoogoo (29kb)
Uk mag 'Look in' cover for Kajagoogoo (31kb) German rival magazine 'Pop Rocky' (28kb) UK mag cover 'Smash Hits' (34kb) 'Disco 45' songbook mag cover (36kb)

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