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Early Years

As the character 'Lemar' (bizarely close to my later anagramatical performing name 'Limahl') in the crucifiction scene of 'Godspell', after discussing it with the director Chris Dunham, he agreed I could make my hair blonde for the part in this show. (52kb) Another cast performance from 'Godspell' (43kb) Judging by the halo, I'm guessing we're angels in this 'Godspell' scene. (38kb) My solo song 'All good gifts' from 'Godspell'. (32kb)
As 'Dennis' in Agatha Christie's 'Murder at the vicarage', blonde but not spikey...... (34kb) As 'Dennis' in Agatha Christie's 'Murder at the vicarage' (43kb) Dinner for 'Dennis'......but is there poison in the grub ? The actor on my right 'Ross Davidson' later starred as successful character 'Andy O' Brian' in the BBC soap 'Eastenders' (33kb) 'Godspell official theatre programme cover. (33kb)
'Godspell' official theatre programme page 1 (90kb) 'Godspell' official theatre programme page 2. (177kb) 'Godspell' official theatre programme page 3. (232kb)  

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