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Either I need to go the loo or am trying to express emotion in a song performance at this early pub talent contest !! (13kb) In a non speaking part for this early 'Clarks' Shoes' TV commercial..the idea was that everyone who wore 'Clarks Shoes' would be overcome by the experience and literally freeze on the spot so various characters were hired like a barrister and lolipop lady......funnily enough, I played a rock star but made the mistake of looking in the direction of the barrister who got bored after a few hours and started making discreet gestures which ended up in a fit of laughter, at one point filming had to be stopped because of the laughing and the director was getting annoyed......I can actually laugh now just remembering the feeling (47kb) Playing the part of a schoolboy in 'The Gentle Touch' for London Weekend Television, in the plot we were caught watching porn movies by his mother. (25kb) Publicity for my very first record release under my real name of Chris Hamill......it was called 'It's Christmas' but made no impression on the charts as only 500 copies were manufactured. (23kb)
More publicity for Chris Hamill's second single 'Angel' which also had a mere 500 copies manufactured. (25kb) As u can see from this 1981 UK magazine cover, I started getting teen pin-up work quite early......was this a sign of things to come !! (31kb)    

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