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Early Years

Early photo session with the natural hair I was born with, about 18 years old here. Same details as photo before. (13kb) Looking vaguely Italian here I think, with the hair combed straight back. (11kb) Looking Italian again. (10kb)
Another Italian look. (11kb) Official photo of Christine and I as the duo 'Kris', we recorded an original song for the 'Eurovision but it never made the final song selection. (25kb) Another 'Kris' pic. (30kb) Posing on  fence in West London somewhere, aah look at that baby face. (30kb)
ah, blonde hair here, starting to look a little more like the soon to come Limahl (17kb) Blonde again but bit spikey now, only problem is I look about 12 years old !! (19kb) Ooh u can't beat a school uniform eh, 'school reunion' is all the rage even now. (14kb) I like this pic, I dug it out of the archives. (10kb)

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