This very interesting little song ‘Who shall I be today’ was offered to me by the song writer/actor Tim Bentinck, when I worked with him in ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ in Plymouth, December 1979, I was just 21 years old.

I found the money to record it in London a few months later and I remember I got on really well with the guys at the studio so I think they must have worked that little bit harder to get it sounding good for the up and coming singer Chris Hamill.

Of all the demos I recorded in that early period this was by far my favourite……it’s a sort of ‘ska’ meets ‘disco’……a bizarre hybrid I know but I think it works well……in fact I might be the only singer who’s ever mixed the two genres in one recording……hey hey.  I especially liked the way my voice sounded on this track and when I got it home I literally could not stop playing it. I believed in myself but now in my mind I had the physical evidence to back it up!!

I learned through these early recordings that it’s not just about the song, it’s how it sits vocally, how it’s recorded, produced and mixed, does it connect with the listener and more important, in the creative process have you stumbled on that x factor ? That unspoken magic that can just suddenly happen as all the elements come together!!

Well you can judge for yourself……after being tucked away on a shelf for over 25 years (amazingly the cassette somehow survived) I’m proud to present another piece of the jigsaw from my early music journey that eventually brought me to you, the public.

  • Who Shall I Be Today

By the way, Tim Bentinck now plays the character ‘David’ in the long running BBC Radio 4 soap ‘The Archers’ (amongst other things).

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