Limahl has made many appearances in popular culture, sometimes in surprising or unusual circumstances!
Here of some of his favourite cultures references, in descending chronological order:

American Horror Story – Season 9, Episode 8 (November 2019)

Making a second appearance on this phenomenally popular TV show, watch this clip to see what happens to the band!

American Horror Story – Season 9, Episode 7 (November 2019)

Kajagoogoo make a surprise appearance on the hugely popular TV show, American Horror Story. Watch this clip to see what happens to the band!

Stranger Things – Season 3, Episode 8 (July 2019)

This fantastic usage of NeverEnding Story in the massive hit TV show ‘Stranger Things’ so the track reach a whole new audience and a social media explosion of celebrity re-creations of the ‘NeverEndingChallenge’.

Black Mirror – Bandersnatch (Interactive Film) – December 2018

The hugely successful Charlie Brooker series Black Mirror, featured this unusual interactive episode in December 2018, whereby the viewer could use an input device such as console controller, to decide what happens in the story. The future of television perhaps? In this particular scene, ‘Too Shy’ was used in the record store.

Boom Boom Dance Party – XBOX Live Arcade Platform – March 2012

In 2011, Limahl was asked to record a track for the game ‘Boom Boom Dance Party’, this game was featured in the Xbox Live Arcade platform until 1st February 2015. This track from Limahl, ‘Inside Your Mind’ was included in Song Pack 4 where it hit the platform on 14th March 2012. The game was the ‘hit the correct buttons in time with the music’ style and it’s clear how perfect this track is for that format. Listen to the track here:

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge – November 1985

During this scene in the film from ‘New Line Cinema’, viewers could clearly see a large Limahl poster adorning the wall.

Longshot – Marvel Comics – 1985

Arthur ‘Art’ Adams is an American comic book artist and writer. In 1985, he wrote a mini-series named ‘Longshot’ whereby he stated Limahl was the inspiration for the main character’s appearance and hair.