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Hi and welcome to my website

Wow, it's really been a real trip down memory lane putting all the old stuff together. I don't know how I managed to hold on to the memorabilia for all this time but I'm so relieved I did. For years it's been at the bottom of my cupboard gathering dust and has even survived three or four house moves. In the early 90's I remember we were getting short of space at my office so I had a big clear out which regretfully saw most of my original 80's clothing go in the bin, but thankfully I held on to the press cuttings, photo's and record covers.

Who was to know this little thing would come along called the world wide web ?

We discovered some photographic gems that even I'd forgotten about, plus for hard core Limahl fans I've even unearthed some old demos (pre Kajagoogoo) that may never have seen the light of day but now after a staggering 27 years (did I really just say 27 years - yikes) they can be heard in all their glory.

It's also nice to be able to show you what I'm up to today......I'm busier than ever and still very much in demand to perform/appear all over the world, in fact as the 80's moves further and further into the distance, it's popularity just continues to grow as people old and young celebrate and cherish our fabulous decade.

We saw the arrival of the CD, the launch of 24 hour music cable channel 'MTV', the BBC broadcast the first episode of it's new soap 'Eastenders', the future king of England was born Prince William, the shipwreck 'Titanic' was discovered, in America the presidential candidate Bill Clinton made his slightly debatable admission "I smoked Marujana but I didn't inhale"......in British politics we recently learned from Edwina Curry's autobiography that she'd had a bit on the side with fellow MP John Major, ooh shock horror.

In between all this, I played my own small, but I hope valid part, as a 'pop star' when 'Too Shy' (with Kajagoogoo) & 'The Neverending Story' (amongst others) stormed to the top of charts all over the world......with the added side effect of starting a new global craze in hairstyles.

And so with the advent of this amazing new technology 'the internet', I'm delighted to present to you, a few visual and audio excerpts from my journey so far......if you were there the first time round, hopefully it will bring a wry smile to your face, if you're a newcomer then let me assure you, living through those early 80's was nothing short of 'fantastic'.

Happy surfing......

Limahl signiture

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