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The rest as they say is history......'Too Shy' went to no' 1 in the UK which was soon mirrored in charts all over the world including no'5 in the all important USA and culminated in 'Kajagoogoo' receiving the ASCAP award winning the prestigious ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) award for having written one of the most played songs on American radio that year (1983). The lavish London award ceremony was presented by Hal David who was one half of the legendary songwriting duo Baccarach & David.

Four and a half million global single sales later, it really was a proud acheivement......at one point in the UK, EMI could not manufacture enough copies to keep up with the demand of 30,000 orders a day and it wasn't long before we were presented with various 'gold' and 'platinum' sales award discs from all over the world.

Childrens Royal Variety programm coverIt was tremendously exciting......we appeared on 'Top of the pops', 'The Kenny Everett Show' (which was huge then) and the 'Children's Royal Variety Performance' in the presence of Princess Margaret whom we met afterwards in the artist line-up..

Childrens Royal Variety ShowAs the single took off overseas, there were countless appearances to be done, it was a constant whirl of interviews, tv, press, radio and for a while it was literally, crazy with daily flights to international destinations for yet another promotional trip. It was a weird concept arriving in a country you'd never been before but be recognised by people......such was the power of the 'pop video'.

It was during this hectic haze that I also met many people I had admired like Freddie Mercury at a private party after their huge Wembley Stadium concerts, Princess Diana at a fashion charity event at London's 'Hippodrome Club' and last but not least Elton John who invited me to his 40th birthday party thrown by his manager - Elton's birthday present was a brand new Ferrari which had been wrapped in a huge pink ribbon on the lawn in front of the house, rock and roll eh !!

Kajagoogoo receiving gold disksTwo more worldwide chart hits followed with 'Ooh to be ah' & 'Hang on Now'. Kenny Everett also had a cameo role in the 'Ooh to be ah' video, he was a big fan of the band, I was very sad when he died a few years later.

Everything was really in overdrive, we were already writing and planning the follow-up album as we toured the UK and Europe to sell out shows and in August we performed at a huge outdoor festival in Finland to forty thousand people,.

The next day after the Finland concert, totally out of the blue the band fired
me !!

Yep......that's right......you heard me correctly......they fired me and they even did it by telephone ......after only eight short months in the public eye, their brains short circuited and like the movie 'Star Wars' ......they gave in to the dark side of the force (although I have since learned that the drummer Jez was against the idea).

I've spoken more about the details of the break up, and my feelings on the next page.


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