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We all waited with baited breath for EMI's reaction which came quickly and Limahl in first EMI publicity shotpositively a few days later and after the usual lengthy negotiations between lawyers, we finally put pen to paper and signed our first recording contract. It's ironic because EMI had actually turned us down a couple of months before Nick Rhodes got involved......but hey it didn't matter any more, now we had a record deal and boy did it feel good.

From this point things moved pretty fast and thankfully we were more than ready, we had the songs, the image, the musicianship, the determination which I suppose meant to a huge conglomerate like EMI, we were ripe for the picking as a new marketable product. It's funny, but if someone had said to me that night before I left my flat to go to work at the club, "tonight you will meet Nick Rhodes and it will change your life" I would have said, "get outta here"......but change it did and everything we had worked for, everything I had dreamed of for years, suddenly started taking shape.

It was agreed that music production on our first recordings would be done by Colin Thurston pic taken by Limahl Nick Rhodes & Colin Thurston (Duran Duran's producer). EMI also suggested we go on the road supporting a band called 'Fashion' who were being tipped for big success at the time (which alas never came) but the tour was important because it gave us a chance to play every night, perform in front of an audience and solidify our musician/performance skills needed to sustain any career that might come. We also started building up a strong fan base which would later be crucial when fans would buy our debut single that helped the record to chart.

About six months before 'Too Shy' was released, there was yet another Limahl - Paul Gambaccini - Ali Espleyimportant piece to fit into the jigsaw puzzle, I met and became good friends with successful BBC Radio presenter Paul Gambaccini. Once again I enthused about my band to someone I thought might be able to help and low and behold, it paid off. He asked me to send him a copy of our recordings to his flat but I did better than that, I went 'in person' as he only lived around the corner and lady luck shone again because, Paul immediately took a strong interest in our music, he was and still is an avid music 'fan' and thus played his own pivotal role in our little piece of pop history. His favourite song later became our second single 'Ooh to be ah'.

At the time he was about to present a new music series called 'The other side Limahl - 'The Other Side Of The Tracks' TV Listingof the tracks' for the new terrestrial television network 'Channel 4' with forty minutes of the first programme being dedicated to the hugely successful artist at that time Phil Collins. Paul had the idea that in stark contrast, the final twenty minutes of the programme could focus on the struggle to launch a brand new band, enter 'Kajagoogoo'. As if that wasn't enough, the programme was also scheduled to broadcast on the Saturday night before the Monday release of our first single 'Too Shy' .

I'm sure this promotional coup must have helped fuel the marketing and promotion budgets of EMI because let's face it, in the big bad world, to get a product out to the masses, the clout of such a big corporate machine is fairly critical......and so now the stage was set for 'Kajagoogoo' to be lauched on to the world music stage.


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