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So there we were, Art Nouveau a new five piece band writing songs, rehearsing, doing the occasional gig (they had quite a good local following) and everything was going well, most of the band had day jobs except me which enabled me to be free, creatively. One by one though, they all left their day jobs as more and more time was needed for the group who's name we had miraculously changed to Kajagoogoo......and you can't blame me for that one, it was the bass players idea, although I have to admit I was drawn to it immediately, but the rest of the guys needed a little more persuading.

Around this time, an old friend of mine Roddam stepped in and offered to help. He obtained three of the latest synthesizers for us. I use the word 'obtained' carefully because Roddam could best be described as a rather colourful and eccentric character who had a remarkable skill of 'obtaining' things......anyway it was best not to ask any questions, so we didn't. I remember being incredibly excited one day when we recorded some home demos with our new synths, it was completely inspiring, suddenly we were starting to sound like all the bands/artists who influenced me and for me this was a real turning point, the synths breathed new life into our songs, now we sounded like, what the press were dubbing, New Wave

After writing and arranging several new songs with the synths, the obvious thing to do next was get into a proper recording studio and demo them at good quality. We all chipped in with the money and on completion, we had six or seven well produced tracks which we then shopped around the London record companies who at first, turned us down, although to be fair, Polygram Records (now BMG/Sony) did actually put us in their recording studio with the Culture Club producer Steve Levine, however they didn't follow it through with an actual offer. So near yet so far......

Around that time, I moved back to London to help promote the band but I needed to earn some some extra money, so returned to my old job as a waiter/barman at the place to be seen, The Embassy Clubon London's delicious Old Bond Street. Famous people, especially music biz types alwaysLimahl and Nick Rhodes seemed to be in the club and one night I met the keyboard player Nick Rhodes from the hot new band Duran Duran who were then in the charts with their first hit. As I served him and his manager champagne, I enthused proudly about my own group Kajagoogoo, our image, songs, ambitions and indeed our respect as musicians for Duran Duran......well it must have made an impression because to my amazement and jubilation, he then asked me to send a copy of our demos to an address he scribbled on a piece of paper......I think I skipped all the way home from the club after work.

The next day I couldn't wait to call everyone and tell them about the chance encounter (the band were still living in 'Leighton Buzzard' at this point). I don't know why but I really believed Nick Rhodes would call me, he seemed genuine and sincere, there was something in his manner that didn't scream 'bullshitter' and sure enough, a few days later he kept his word. I think I was breathless at my end of the phone when he said "Hi Limahl it's Nick here, I've got your tape, I really like it and I'm gonna take it into EMI Records".

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